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About Us

CANINE SOLUTIONS is a privately owned Company. It was established in February 2001. The two (2) directors have extensive dog training experience. One being an Explosive Detection Dog Handler and security dog trainer and has worked for Mine Dog Centre/ Mine Tech. He has passed numerous United Nation MACC accreditations before starting CANINE SOLUTIONS.


CANINE SOLUTIONS initially concentrated on the South African market specialising in security as well as narcotic and explosive detection dogs. After much success and as the international demand increased we appointed a Kennel Master. He has vast experience in Detection Dogs and was formerly employed as Kennel Master at Mine Dog Centre/Mine Tech. There he was responsible for the breeding and raising of puppies as well as the socialisation and imprinting of their dogs. While employed by MDC the Kennel Master was also responsible for the Drever Project funded by the G.I.C.H.D. This project was very successful.


In 2003 CANINE SOLUTIONS started training dogs specifically for mine and explosive detection to meet the international demand for MDD’s and EDD’s. Using the vast experienced gained by the directors and kennel master’s ‘in theatre” CANINE SOLUTIONS now has MDD’s and EDD’s of the
highest quality available. With the quality of experience in its ranks CANINE SOLUTIONS is able to constantly evaluate the performance of the dogs.


CANINE SOLUTIONS considers it human capital as one of its most important assets second only to the dogs and therefore only employs trainers and handlers of the highest caliber. Our attention to detail and dedication to the improvement of quality helps to set us apart from our competitors.


CANINE SOLUTIONS have supplied dogs (narcotic, security and detection) to government agencies such as the SA Police, SA Army, and Correctional Services as well as to other detection companies such as Mine Tech, SDS/Omega and Medchem which is part of DENEL.