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CANINE SOLUTIONS kennels are state of the art. Situated just below the offices they are a beautiful sight, set amongst rolling lawn and large shady trees. The kennel comprises of a sleeping area and an exercise run. The dogs are able to see the goings on at the kennel facility at all times. This mental stimulation combined with our extensive socialization and training programs ensures a sound dog that will excel in all situations.


The open bushveld behind the kennels serve not only as a realistic training area for our detection and security dogs but also motivate and satisfy the great curiosity in our puppies. We have well equipped offices at the kennel facility. From there we supply everything that is needed from veterinary supplies to training equipment. We have an up to date computer system which allows us to keep very accurate records of all our dogs (current and sold).


Our puppy socializing camp consists of various obstacles designed to challenge the puppies and stimulate their problem solving abilities. The puppies are exposed to as many things as possible and all our green dogs are guaranteed to be well-adapted individuals able to cope with various situations.